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  5.  Transactional IP
Entertainment & Sports & Digital Media
  1. Videogames & eSports
  2. Sports Marketing & Advertising & Endorsements
  3. Arts, Audiovisual, Music, Major Festival, Sporting & Cultural Legal Advisory
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Laws affecting many supervised sectors including both ‘brick and mortar’ and online businesses force a variety of stakeholders to deal with several issues regarding their activities and operations. DG LAW offers a practical advice with deep administrative knowledge of the specific requirements of the public sector, focusing on exclusive fields.

Understand responsibilities, manage risk and lessen any potential impact of multi-jurisdictional complex regulatory regimes leads the firm to counsel clients with a current and fully informed perspective.

DG LAW leverages said combined experience to tackle the most complex issues underpinned by a ground breaking regulatory advice focused on each client needs.

The firm’s expertise with private clients covers every facet of administrative and public law. In fact, challenging administrative decisions and defending DG LAW’s clients has allowed the Firm to acquire major experience in the specific following areas: