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DG LAW works with start-up companies and early stage entrepreneurs, as well as angel, Micro VC & VC’s. The firm actually accompanies its clients during the development cycle of their product or service.

As a matter of fact, data, technology and intellectual property assets combined are the core of modern economy altogether. DG LAW advises startups and mid-corp. national technology companies on a wide range technology-related matters such as tech-company acquisitions, licensing of technology and intellectual property rights.

Working on a broad sense, the Firm also facilitates introductions between its clients and its network of contacts —VCs, angels, corporate investors, accountants, consultants, etc.—.

Venture flow strategies: from small seed-rounds to much larger later-stage investments. From birth to maturity. DG LAW not only stands for know-how and quality with regard to these venture operations but for efficient functioning of the company and its own business continuity in each step. Growth without setting strategy & business goals is just a simple dangerous financial game. Making a bad move in trusting a non-proper legal partner has become far too costly for any enterprise to afford, not only in a cost-result perspective.

Complex business is where DG LAW provides end-to-end solutions to its clients. Efficient, accessible and responsive. The Firm’s mission is to aid emerging companies in charting their course to success. Main areas of focus include:

DG LAW perfectly fits any kind of underlying creative or tech-related business idea intended to conquer this world of challenges and feats of a time that are marked by their positive impact generally both on society and economic development.
Disruptive Industries enquiries are fully attended as they face the pressures of increased regulation always with the highest quality service supported by the reputation and experience of the Firm. Devising innovative solutions for the most complex challenges is part of DG LAW’s DNA.

  • Advertising, Marketing & Promotions
  • Internet & e-Commerce
  • E-Mobility
  • Retail & Consumer Products
  • Banking & Fintech
  • Unmanned Vehicle Systems
  • Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency
  • Audiovisual & OTT initiatives
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality