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This is not just a game but a skyrocketing reality.

Digital technologies have become a major hit within the media & entertainment industry. So far, DG LAW helps companies and individuals for identifying and taking advantage of any opportunity presented in the multi-jurisdictional marketplace. Indeed, consumers (probably, clients’ most valuable ‘asset’ besides IP rights) can access media from multiple devices while being located anywhere in the world.

Entertainment & Sports & Digital Media are, without hesitation, sectors where the most rapidly growing business models and ever-changing technologies are being tested aiming mass consumption. Many diverse industries encompass a unique variety of business areas. Nowadays, accelerated product development is taking place and, perhaps unwittingly, clients must face long transition periods to adapt to the upcoming status quo for being again competitive on a global scale.

DG LAW is —surely— as comfortable in the courtroom as understands and comprehends its clients’ businesses related to the world of gaming, sports, sponsoring & advertising, music & audiovisual production, etc. Advising on finance, investment, corporate issues, production & rights acquisitions, exploitation of media rights, live eSports and other events included within the scope of the entertainment, sports and digital media industries is

DG LAW’s deep knowledge on the fundamentals of said areas allow the Firm to guide and support its clients for overcoming present and future complexities. In this respect, to be protected and fully rewarded for any creation and work developed is of the utmost importance for the Firm.

DG LAW watchword is to expect and anticipate change. Be one step ahead of the legal status quo.

  • Whether data protection and privacy, intellectual property, tokens or virtual currencies, advertising, publicity rights in addition to corporate structuring within the framework of gaming development, online gaming, developers and publishers must deal with many regulatory and other legal issues arising in such industry.

    Apart from that, internet has played and continues to play a major role within this ecosystem. eSports have become an economic giant, breaking down social and intellectual barriers with regard to videogames, pushing the latters to a new position where clearly play an important role in many areas.

    With a deep knowledge of the foundations of gaming industry, DG LAW understands where the present and future of this sector appears to be heading. DG LAW works with professional eSport players, teams, leagues, competition organizers on everything from intellectual property rights protection, marketing & sponsorship compliance and contract negotiations.

  • Brand protection, sponsorships, brand promotions, licensing, privacy and marketing-related disputes are provided by DG LAW to its clients with a one-stop shop for all advertising and marketing law issues.

    Generating revenues, competing and looking to sponsorships opportunities are a must for industries aspiring to increase their revenues and impact with customers. Complexity of sports & entertainment business grows exponentially, so deep understanding and sophisticated legal counsel is fundamental for any person willing to exploit and take full advantage of business opportunities available to them.

    Planning and executing advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns that comply with complex and rapidly changing EU and member States laws and protecting companies & consumers respectively of violating these laws is one of the main goals of DG LAW.

    As a matter of fact, DG LAW helps its clients cut through the red tape, maximize returns and minimize risk exposure.

  • As well as assisting media companies, entertainment studios, artists, authors, publishers, playwrights, filmmakers, musicians, composers and arts organizations, DG LAW advises on media-related matters involving film, photography, television, broadcasting & digital media.

    The firm has extensive knowledge with respect to interactive entertainment and intersection of disruptive industry technology and intellectual property law. In fact excels in negotiating and structuring content, talent, publishing, distribution, series development and production, licensing, franchising, arena & major festival agreements.

    In a nutshell DG LAW covers all aspects of IP across every major arts & interactive industry. Commercially focused and familiar with client’s challenges within these businesses, the Firm stands as a clear reference among legal firms and advisors due to its international scope of work, tireless dedication and innovative approach.