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Financial transactions involve lenders, lessors, venture capital stakeholders, investors and sellers, lessees and borrowers. With an eye on restructuring and insolvency matters, devising issues with troubled loans and credits is essential.

The firm is specialized in the documentation, negotiation and structuring of financial transactions. Secured and unsecured loans, first-lien & second-lien credit facilities, intercreditor agreements, mezzanine loans, subordinated loans, commercial paper transactions, franchise finance, letters of credit, securities lending, purchase and sale of lease, venture capital & startup loans; loan and credit card portfolios and deposit businesses, development of business and consumer loan and leasing programs, financial products and services distribution arrangements, etc.

In addition, DG LAW is at the forefront of offering individualized, tailored legal services to individuals and companies involved in every aspect of the DLT ecosystem including but not limited to: Dapps, Smart Contracts & Cryptocurrencies issues. Furthermore, tokenized assets are the future of ownership. Virtually assets ownership is continuing to make progress and DG LAW has recognized such undeniable fact as an imminent reality. The Firm works to ensure that any business activity based on DLTs is properly addressed in compliance with the applicable regulation.

Moreover, Securities Tokens Offering have proved that new forms of financing are evolving tremendously. Opportunities are at the gate upon such initiatives. STOs concept is very broad and may include the following elements (among others):

STOs increase liquidity, simply access to capital on a worldwide perspective, simplify investors’ management and increase transparency and security if EU MAR / AML / MiFID II and Spanish Securities Markets Act (LMV) approved by Royal Legislative Decree 4/2015 of 23 October are met regarding the foregoing. Resale, trading, minimum number of investors, different applicable jurisdictions and capital raised are in fact limits and indicators to be observed and addressed by STOs operators and stakeholders. DG LAW is well-versed in the legal and practical issues that derive from planning, developing and offering security tokens in Spain. Anticipation and effective response to any challenge arising in connection with implementing STOs are vital.

DG LAW never leaves its clients with loose ends and always helps the latter find his way through financial business and legal issues.

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