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At the top of the IP & Tech game both transactional and prosecution.

DG LAW practices every major area of IP and is at the forefront of wide-ranging intellectual property legal counselling in the north of Spain.

From a worldwide perspective, without hesitation, intellectual property rights may certainly be your most valuable asset in today’s market. Innovators, cutting-edge initiatives, emerging-growth companies and mid-sized businesses rely on DG LAW to help develop, monetize, protect and enforce their intangible assets.

DG LAW protects clients’ ideas, technology, products and brands. Day a day practice is well balanced across all transaction and litigation for ensuring proper results in an interconnected global market. Moreover, the Firm gives its intellectual property clients a real & comprehensive view from all perspectives and fully focuses on understanding the needs and desires of each particular one, be it as the licensor or the licensee.

Protecting unique creations, works and artistic content is what defines DG LAW. Truly dynamic, flexible and in depth oriented into intellectual property law, provides a paramount & flawless legal service regarding any IP challenge derived from or arising in its clients’ enterprises.

It’s all about dreaming. It’s all about future. It’s time to be one step ahead handling disruption. That is why creators, distributors, owners and users shall be properly guided through disruption safeguarding their interests.

In other words, technology companies need legal partners who are comfortable with techonology.

  • Traditional copyright principles are on the edge and have come under attack, undoubtedly affecting copyrights owners and those who legitimately wish to make full use of digital media. Being competitive and have an advantage in terms of IP. That is the goal. DG LAW counsels’ clients in a myriad of ways regarding a large variety of industries on copyright issues in both traditional and new media. As well as the foregoing, is frequently called on to provide strategic advice on how best to protect, maintain and enhance IP assets.
    Being competitive and have an advantage in terms of IP: that is the goal. Moreover, it is important to highlight that helping clients to monetize inherent technologies’ value in their portfolio is a top priority.
    Copyright practice covers the full spectrum of copyrights & related rights from due diligence to transaction and enforcement: logos and product packaging; audio recordings and music compositions; film, video productions and motion pictures; technical and architectural designs; books, magazines and other publications; sculptures; database rights; e-commerce websites; photographs; drawings and other graphic arts; videogames; screenplays and other scripts for TV, film & radio; design rights and breach of confidence claims. Furthermore, DG LAW is deeply involved in questions of copyrightability and the scope of copyright protection in software.
    Llogos and product packaging; audio recordings and music compositions; film, video productions and motion pictures; technical and architectural designs; books, magazines and other publications; sculptures; database rights; e-commerce websites; photographs; drawings and other graphic arts; videogames; screenplays and other scripts for TV, film & radio; design rights and breach of confidence claims
  • Everywhere and anytime. Brands need comprehensive protection. Trademarks and brands are not just tools but essential powered assets to communicate the quality and distinctiveness of their products and services. Brand strength and vitality are of the utmost importance for companies.

    DG LAW does know that infringement or dilution of a mark can cost huge amounts of money in revenue and goodwill. That is why trademark issues are handled with sophistication, creativity and depth.

    In addition to trademark registration and filing, DG LAW provides advice on advertising copy, labelling & packaging, trade dress, publicity rights, retail and consumer protection regulations, marketing campaigns and promotions and unfair competition.

    Trademark strategy comprehends, at least, the following aspects:

    • License and exploitation
    • Unfair competition, passing off and infringement
    • Dilution
    • Domain name registration and management
    • Tackling cybersquatting
    • Comparative advertising
    • Fair use of third-party trademarks
    • Anti-counterfeiting
    • Labelling & Packaging

  • More than the ‘appearance’. It’s not only about getting a design but also about what to do next.

    Novelty and individual character. Those are the requirements for qualifying as design under Spanish and EU law.

    Designs are a unique discipline and grant special protection upon shapes and forms. What is clear is that whether a company has invested heavily in the development of a design the former deserves protection. Consumer products, sporting goods, luxury goods, graphical user interfaces, heavy equipment and apparel represent many of design applications in this law exclusive rights area.

    Having said that, DG LAW assists its clients during the registration process, help you manage your design portfolio and protect their intrinsic value enforcing exclusivity rights granted by specific regulations applying to designs.

  • DG LAW does care about confidential business information, because that’s the key to any client success. Threats to client’s security may be, when push comes to shove, one of the major challenges facing the competitive edge against third-party interested ‘in-clients-sector’ rivals.

    Businesses, irrespective of their size, value trade secrets as much as patents and other forms of intellectual property right. By protecting such a wide range of know-how and business information, whether as a complement or as an alternative to intellectual property rights, trade secrets allow creators and innovators to derive profit from their creation or innovation.

    Moreover, implementing trade secret protection and information security programs helps prevent theft from both external and internal threats (e.g., non-competition, non-disclosure & non-solicitation agreements).

    To sum up, acquisition use and disclosure of trade secrets shall be guided by a true expert for avoiding unlawful practices that may result in the loss of earnings incurred by the trade secret holder or unfair profits made by the infringer.

    As a matter of fact, substantive trade secrets subject matters are varied and include the following illustrative and non-exhaustive list:

    • Marketing and product pricing info
    • Technology
    • Customer info
    • Formulas, processes, manufacture methods, formats
    • Personnel info

    Developing a well-oriented trade secret policy is paramount in today’s world.

  • DG LAW smoothly negotiates on behalf of its clients a wide range of commercial and intellectual property solutions: OEM, distribution, reseller, manufacturing and supply agreements. On top of that, DG LAW advises on commercial transactions that include strategic alliances, partnerships and JVs; asset sales & spinouts; co-development agreements; patent, technology, software, content and trademark licenses; global outsourcing transactions, IP and commercial terms; due diligence in M&A transactions; terms of service, terms of use, EULAs and privacy policies, among others.

    DG LAW is strongly dedicated to commercial transactions driven by technology and intellectual property. Based on its expertise and established reputation earned by working with clients that range from emerging ventures and innovative start-ups to mid-corp. enterprises in a wide variety of technology sectors, including:

    UAVs Space Law
    Gambling Gaming — e-Sports
    Retail Wearable Devices
    E-commerce Internet of Things
    E-learning Sports
    Fintech & Payments Digital Media Entertainment
    Communications Cloud Data Centers
    SaaS 3D Printing
    Big Data Open Source
    Manufacturing (OEM & ODM) Software (apps & cloud computing)
    Medical Devices E-mobility
    Power & Renewables Mobile