IP & Technology Assets
  1. Copyrights & related rights
  2. Trademarks & Branding
  3. Designs (Patent Designs & Product Designs)
  4. Trade Secrets
  5.  Transactional IP
Entertainment & Sports & Digital Media
  1. Videogames & eSports
  2. Sports Marketing & Advertising & Endorsements
  3. Arts, Audiovisual, Music, Major Festival, Sporting & Cultural Legal Advisory
Emerging Companies & Venture Capital Law
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> Litigation/Dispute Resolution

Manage and identify risk is necessary to thrive.

Flexible, agile, business oriented and committed to success. DG LAW does not approach any dispute in isolation but will navigate across any rough seas with its clients preventing any negative reputational, operational or financial impact that the said clients may suffer.

DG LAW stands as a true partner in order to manage any dispute in a way that mitigates negative impact on any client business while implementing a cost-effective strategy and achieving the best results possible.

From the onset of a dispute through resolution, every step to be taken is properly analyzed, duly considered and oriented to pursuing accomplishment in each goal already settled. Clients trust the Firm to guide them through their most important and significant litigation challenges.

    1. Patent & Design Litigation
    2. Trademark & False Advertising
    3. Unfair Competition
    4. Trade Secret Litigation
    5. Copyright Litigation
    6. Contractual & Licensing Disputes
    7. Domain Name Disputes

    1. Disputes between shareholders
    2. Director liability claims
    3. Challenging of companies’ resolutions and board of directors’ decisions
    4. Enforcement of shareholder agreements

    1. General terms and conditions
    2. Agency, distribution, franchise contracts
    3. Validity, interpretation and enforcement of civil and commercial contracts
    4. Termination and rescission of contracts

    1. Contractual and tort
    2. Product
    3. Professional

    1. Commercial
    2. Non-commercial
    3. Publicity-Rights