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Once upon a time, privacy and tech related legal issues were not given real importance on negotiations and closures with regard to business operations. As of today’s, neither any corporate & M&A nor any other business operation is effectively closed by acquirers, vendors, etc. if privacy and tech experts do not give them green light.

Both technology and privacy are intimately connected. Changes are implemented at an ultra-rapid rate in this regard and affect almost every organization located in EU and abroad. Technology and Privacy shall not be considered as an iceberg, isolated from other specialties, but combined with a variety of areas for allowing its proper understanding by any stakeholder willing to take part and embrace the formers inherent business opportunities.

In order to succeed in this rapid-changing ecosystem fostered by digital innovation relying upon ubiquitous broadband, mobility and multiplatforms, content and applications, where consumers expect always-on service everywhere, embracing new approaches and creating added value for clients is of the utmost importance for DG LAW.

Fast, innovative, agile and cost effective: these are essential landmarks regarding tech & privacy legal skills on this new “business as usual” scenario. As technology evolves, so do DG LAW in order to accompany its client’s growth and expansion.

    1. Internet, Domain Name and Computer Law
    2. Cloud Solutions & Arrangements
    3. E-Commerce Strategies
    4. IP Related Technology Issues
    5. Fintech Sector
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    1. Global Privacy Strategies
    2. Commercial & Corporate Transactions
    3. Monetisation of Data
    4. Dispute Resolution
    5. Privacy by Design & Privacy by Default in New Technologies or Product/Service Offerings
    6. Data Breaches